Inspiring Ideas of Desert Landscaping

October 9, 2015 - by : Leon Collier  |  Landscape  |  No Comments  |  1666 Views
home desert landscape pictures

A friend of mine said that this is not easy decorating a desert landscaping because of the plants which are not decorative. Actually, this is a challenge for gardener to make your landscape look beautiful. Then, in accordance with this, this post is willing to share several tips how to create a beautiful desert landscaping designs and how to care of it easily. This idea is also able to make your home environment totally exquisite. Desert Landscaping Ideas Before planning the decoration, you need to choose the plants you are […]

Maintaining Butterfly Garden Plants

October 8, 2015 - by : Clara Romero  |  Garden Ideas  |  No Comments  |  1899 Views
butterfly gardening

Once I saw the butterfly garden plants, I always feel adored with those plants. Now, I have built my garden with these garden plants of butterfly and I love to keep it in a good condition. I will share some experiences that I have been tending these garden plants for about 20 years. In those 20 years, I have made many renewals too in the plants and now; I will tell you each steps that I do to keep my plants fresh and wonderful. How to Tend Butterfly Garden Plants […]

Fairy Garden Ideas and Inspirations for Extraordinary Home Décor

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outdoor fairy garden ideas

The beauty of your garden will be maximal if you arrange the plants as unique as creative. Besides are the plants, the decoration and arrangement idea of the environment makes the garden totally decorative. Not to mention, for making a design of fairy garden, people need more time than decorating ordinary garden design. Then, this page will give you a bunch of inspiration about fairy garden ideas. We will inform you the equipment you can function for creating a lovely fairy garden decorating idea. Fairy Garden Inspirations Many things you […]

Amazing Cheap Landscaping Ideas

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Make your house exterior in perfect looking can you do with doing some of way. You can use some of ideas to make your exterior look in perfect looking. One kind that can be your perfect exterior is about your garden or your landscape. Make your garden or your landscape in good looking and look in best looking can you do in some of ideas. One idea that can be best of landscaping ideas is about cheap landscaping ideas. Make your garden in good design and look in perfect is […]

Better Looking with Backyard Landscaping Ideas

October 7, 2015 - by : Clara Romero  |  Landscape  |  No Comments  |  1137 Views
backyard landscaping ideas cheap

Having a back yard is an advantage for you. However, if you are not able to landscape it well, it will be useless. So, you have to use your backyard to make your house more beautiful and useful. There are many backyard landscaping designs that you can try. However, it will be better to consider some factors before doing it. Here, I will share some backyard landscaping ideas that will change your backyard to be better look. Apply Paving Bricks One of the most important things in backyard landscaping ideas […]

Impressive Wooden Fence Panels with Beautiful Decorations

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wood privacy fence panels

Just by utilizing panels, you could make your garden looks interesting. This is because the panels especially which are made from wood are able to style differently so it looks totally interesting. Today we are about to inspire you with wooden fence panels. The fences are styled beautifully so it looks decorative. Besides is the shape, it has alluring colors, too. Find your favorite wooden fence panel designs which is matching with your garden décor. Wooden Fence Panel Ideas Wooden fence panels you can style exquisitely in chevron shape. This […]

Perennial Garden Design Ideas

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perennial garden flowers

Designing a garden is enjoyable but not easy. There are many garden designs that are interesting to be applied. However, choosing the right garden design have to be done carefully with proper considerations. If you want to have a green garden with beautiful look, perennial garden design can be applied in your garden. This kind of garden design prioritizes the perennial plants for the garden plants so that it will be easier to care and has more benefits. Perennial Garden Beds and Borders One of the ideas of perennial garden […]

Healthy Garden with Rain Garden Plants

October 5, 2015 - by : Clara Romero  |  Plants  |  No Comments  |  1156 Views
rain gardens plants

Some people do not want to have a beautiful garden but also a healthy garden. There is a garden that creates a healthy function, named rain garden. This kind of garden is designed to be able to absorb water when it is rain. So, it can also be used as the solution of rainy season. From the look, it also looks very beautiful. So, it can be considered as one of the most perfect gardens. To build it, you need rain garden plants. What are they? Let’s check it out. […]

Homemade Large Outdoor Planters for Your Decorative Exterior

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plants for large outdoor planters

Is your backyard or garden expansive enough to adorn with large outdoor planters? If so, you can try to set one of these large outdoor planter designs or two in your outdoor space. Designed uniquely, these planters are able to dazzle your exterior décor. Not only is that, it would make your home décor more decorative. If you wish, you can create these planters your own. Or, you could be able to ask for your gardener to make it for you. Large Outdoor Planter Ideas We begin the idea of […]